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Contract Research And Manufacturing Services

We seek to be partner of choice for all our customers. Our strength is our ability to provide customers with added value by meeting their evolving needs, while ensuring time bound delivery of high-quality effective products at optimized costs. We have a long experience of working with reputed organizations in pharma sector- both abroad and within India. We promise our partners both commercial and qualitative benefits. We ensure that strict confidentiality and utmost secrecy is maintained through absolute adherence to the non-disclosure clauses. We offer a hassle free integrated approach by continuous interface with efficient multi-disciplinary project teams.

We believe that our robust business process and project management capabilities, dedication to confidentiality obligations/IPR protection coupled with our infrastructural strengths can provide customers an edge in the competitive market scenario. Our services on offer span from API, Formulations, New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) and even Biotech products. For further information please contact our
Business Development team.