Our Values

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Our Values

Our customers, partners and the patients are of prime importance to us. Our zeal to contribute to a healthier world in an affordable manner shall motivate us to take on the challenges and provide solutions for unmet needs while always respecting our core values which run into our very existence and define Shilpa Medicare Ltd.


With increasing cost of healthcare around the world, we as a generic pharmaceuticals organization commit to provide significant savings for both patients as well as healthcare systems. Shilpa Medicare is firm on its commitment to constantly, consistently and persistently innovate for providing affordable healthcare beyond any discrimination or boundaries, so as to bring a pleasant difference to patient’s lives.



Quality for our Customers: Our customers are our primary focus and our priority is addressing their requirements effectively. We believe it is important to always be one step ahead and anticipate the evolving needs, finding innovative ways for healthcare problems. We strive to exceed customer expectations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services in a time bound manner.


Respect and Integrity

At Shilpa, we make every effort to create an environment of transparency and trust. We believe it is important to act responsibly and doing the right things in a right manner. We believe in being truthful and strive to maintain the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders by acting with integrity at all times.