Animal Welfare

  • Constructed 8000 sq. feet cow shelter.
  • 200 Cow’s accommodating Capacity.
  • Applied Heat Reflecting Paint at new and existing shed to reduce summer heat effect.

India has the largest cattle population in the world, and used primarily for dairy and draft purposes. Most rural people own a cows but have limited land for grazing, especially as the human population has encroached upon their traditional grazing lands, leading to cows roaming freely in the streets and causing traffic problems., Street cattle over population is an emerging social and public health problem, especially, in the light of the prohibition of cow seizing and slaughter in most states. The large cattle population of India is also partly, due to the ancient tradition of protecting, after they have ceased production. In most states there are cow shelters termed ‘gaushalas’, for unhealthy and ill cows are sheltered by " Donor ".

Raichur Gaushala Sang is a registered trust working for cow welfare since from 1940 and managing fodder and shelter of 850 cows in location of Raichur and Malayabad. Shilpa Medicare Limited has constructed cow shed at Malayabad of 8000 sq. feet due to increasing in cow’s numbers and for their fodder storage.