• First time Awareness and Screening detecting camp with Team TATA in RAICHUR’ District.
  • More than 500 people from local and different part of the village attended awareness camp.
  • 287 screening done and 85% were woman among them.

1. Cancer Awareness /Free Screening & Detection Camp.

In healthcare, our aim is to provide medical assistance/ awareness to local and rural under privileged living in remote village areas Shilpa Foundation (Shilpa), organized Cancer awareness /screening and detection camp for the local and rural public. In recent year cancer is fastest growing diseases, and most of the death in the country is due to unawareness of initial symptom, disease can be cured if detected early which is lacking in people of rural area, our motto is to bring awareness among them.

Due to change in human lifestyle there are various types of cancers are detected and most common cancer are “ORAL, BREAST & CERVICAL. With 09 member team from TATA Memorial Hospital Mumbai one of the leading hospitals in preventive oncology” organized Cancer awareness /screening detection camp and more the 500 people from local and nearby village have attended the awareness camp and gain the knowledge on awareness and 287 people have been availed the benefit of screening among them 85% were woman.

2. Ayurveda Treatment Camp.

Ayurveda is the holistic approach and natural methods aims at prevention and management, and helps in getting rid of disease from its roots. Wherever possible, it works towards providing a permanent cure.

Three day Ayurveda camp was organize in Mantralayam for treatment of Migraine, Piles, and Tumor. 1000 patients from various villages have availed the treatment and healed through Ayurveda treatment. Dr Lokesh Tekal was the one the senior Ayurveda Doctor who headed the camp under his supervision.