Education Promotion

  • Providing Basic Facility to Rural Schools.
  • Smart class to Rural School
  • Donation for quality education.

Education is a dynamic process that starts from birth. A child is surrounded by parents and other siblings, experiences his surroundings, and responds. The surrounding environment, the physical and social environment imparts information and the child tries to learn from that information and responds. From those responses, we assess whether his/her development is normal, abnormal or extraordinary. Different children at the same biological age respond differently to the same environment. Rural development generally refers to the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Company has donated school benches, smart classes, books, and other basic requirement of education in rural areas of Raichur, and benefited more than 500 students and 05 Schools by providing basic necessity to them.

Construction of School for Physically Disable child

  • Constructed School with all basic facility for the disable students.
  • Donation to Blind School.

A disability may be generally defined as a condition which may restrict a person's mental, physical, or movement functions to perform a task in the same way as a person who does not have a disability. It does not mean that a child with a disability is unable to perform all the requirement and basic job of his day activity. Disabilities affect people in different ways like, disabled' with someone who is in a wheelchair, blind, deaf & mental disable are total different and need to be treated differently. Unfortunately, this kind of categorizing is in itself a form of discrimination.

Shilpa made a small effort and constructed school for such disable child and making to perform in the same way as the person does not have the disability and shilpa continues to focus on such area.