Water Conservation Project

  • 224.20 Crore Liter Of water Storage capacity increase.
  • 22.42 Lakhs cubic meter silt, de-silted from lakes.
  • 5688 farmers are benefited.
  • Covered 02 District 13 Taluk and 630 Structure for water restoration.
  • Jointly developed BY Shilpa Foundation, Bharatiya Jain sanghatan.and Karnataka government (SKDRDP).
  • With Shilpa & BJS initiate on the water conservation projects NITI Aayug awarded first rank to Yadgiri District in Agriculture and Water conservation and sanction special grant of 03 Crore.

“JALSAMVARDHANA” District Wide Water Conservation Project.

Shilpa Foundation with Bharatiya Jain sanghatana (BJS ) and SKDRDP (Karnataka government) initiated project ‘Sujalam Suphalam’ to enhance access to community water resource leading to reduction in drought effect and increase income lever of former at the identified locations by the government of Karnataka in the projected villages by removal of accumulated silt in the ponds over the year’s and utilized silt so removed for improving the fertility of the agriculture land of the local farmer.

Over the years drought situation has compounded the problems in the district. Government & BJS has initiated The water conservation project in two district RAICHUR’ & YADGIRI and covering 13 talukas and 630 Structure for water restoration including village ponds, storage tank, and dam’s where water conservation work is to be done to increase the water storage capacity.

Shilpa Foundation and BJS had Community Meeting with Farmers for Awareness regarding JALSAMVARDHANA By this Event around 4000 trips of fertile silt is being removed from the lakes & being utilized by farmers for getting their land fertile which help them in good cultivation and excess yield.