Environmental Development

  • 21000 Seedling plantation In 03 phase.
  • Growth rate of selected plant is 99%
  • Vision of increasing plantation is global warming, soil, erosion, increase water holding capacity and to avoid carbon credit.
  • in associate with Green RAICHUR’ ( NGO ) working for global warming
  • Dedicatedly working on tree plantation with a vision of Green RAICHUR’ Clean Raichur.

Massive Tree Plantation

From Last 2 Years Shilpa is contributing in Massive Tree Plantation in support with Green Raichur an NGO and successfully completed 21,000 seedling plantation in RAICHUR’ District, to avoid Global warming, soil erosion to avoid carbon credit and to increase water holding capacity etc. Shilpa is in a vision of seedling plantation all over the Local & District places and to contribute its part to the environment and society. Selection of plant species is the major role in afforestation process in successful growth of seedlings. The environmental suitability of this entire plantation has been planted with proper professional guidance.