Shilpa avers that all business enterprises share a symbiotic relationship with Society from where they draw resources for their growth. It is imperative upon enterprises to return their mite to the Society and therefore there is a duty to fulfill to the communities, neighborhoods and environment in whose vicinity they operate.

Not only being an enterprise engaged in Medicare directed towards bettering lives, Shilpa wholesomely subscribes to the motto of societal obligation and is committed to materializing initiatives through practical steps also, that spell a change in the life and quality of the communities and protects the environment too.

Human life is invaluable and we at Shilpa reiterate our respect for lives with stringent emphasis on health and safety of all our employees. In protection of the environment, we have devised rational and optimum use of our available energy resources. Though awarded by the Govt. of India with the National Energy Conservation Award 2012 (1st prize in the Drugs & Pharmaceuticals sector), our quest for professional and corporate excellence with respect for human lives, societal obligation and protection & conservation for environment is unceasing.

We firmly remain committed to our responsible and ethical behavior towards local communities. Some of the humble activities of SHILPA Foundation include donations to relief funds in case of national calamities, donations for elementary schools at Raichur including scholarships for under privileged children, holding tree plantation drives and organizing HIV-AIDS awareness camps for the residents of villages around Raichur, Karnataka, India